Solution antiadhérente à l’asphalte QPR

//Solution antiadhérente à l’asphalte QPR
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Usage Guide (PDF)

QPR’s Asphalt Anti-Stick Agent prevents asphalt from adhering to surfaces when hauling, laying & repairing asphalt. What further separates this product from the rest, is its ability to prevent asphalt track-up when paving. More specifically, the QPR Asphalt Anti-Stick agent will prevent your asphalt from sticking to the rubber tires of your paving or pneumatic roller and any metallic surface.


  • Perfectly Soluble with Water
  • Creates an Aqueous Emulsion Film on the Treated Surfaces which Prevents the Bituminous Material from Sticking


  • Truck bodies: 1 part solution : 5 parts water for traditional asphalt mixes
  • Truck bodies: 1 part solution : 4 parts water for modified asphalt mixes
  • To prevent asphalt pickup on rubber tires : 1 part solution: 4 parts water
  • Compaction rollers: 1 part solution: 30 parts water
  • Available in 185 kg (55 Gallon) or 900 kg (1000L) totes.
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For QPR Asphalt Anti-Stick Agent, please contact:

Jeric Agosta, Western Territory Rep
(778) 994-7686 •
BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, NWT, Nunavat, Yukon
Kyle Lewis, Central Territory Rep
(905) 903-8442 •
Ontario, Manitoba
Sean Zimmermann, Canadian Territory Manager
(514) 887-2171 •
Quebec, PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador
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