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Can I trial the product?


Yes you can. Simply contact one of your local QPR representatives and they can provide you with a 5 gallon sample for trial purposes.

Can I trial the product?2013-10-25T14:40:43-04:00

How do I apply QPR asphalt anti-stick?


QPR asphalt anti-stick agent arrives as a finished product in either a 185 kg drum or 900 kg tote. Prior to application, make sure that the product is properly re-mixed. This can be done by shaking the drum or tote. Although the recommended dosage rate varies for each location, if [...]

How do I apply QPR asphalt anti-stick?2013-10-25T14:40:24-04:00

Is the QPR asphalt anti-stick environmentally friendly?


Yes it is. Many crews have yet to find a solution to prevent asphalt tracking or pickup and as a result, are still using diesel fuel. QPR asphalt anti-stick is a much friendly alternative that will not weaken the asphalt, as diesel fuel does.

Is the QPR asphalt anti-stick environmentally friendly?2013-10-25T14:41:09-04:00